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What questions cause you to lose precious sleep? By creating a deeply supportive space of guided self-inquiry, I intuitively connect clients to their own wellspring of original insight.

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Anyone can offer advice on the questions that keep us stuck, but I have personally found that someone else's advice is nowhere near as transformative or compelling as my own original insight into pivotal questions. Maybe you have found that too? Advice often leads to more questions, whereas original insight leads to more answers.

Because I wanted to be of highest service to my clients, I decided early on to take a different approach. Rather than giving advice, my expertise is actually helping people discover their own answers through coaching conversations. Because I've become an expert in flawlessly answering my own questions, I can help others do the same.

In other words, to earn a great living as a life coach, you must be a great life coach. Great life coaching is less about giving advice and more about supporting people in the discovery of their own answers. Great life coaches can easily thrive in this economy.

To become a great life coach in the shortest amount of time, you must be willing to invest in yourself. Hiring a great coach of your own is a great place to start. A great coach will help you clarify your values, strengths and resources, identify goals that align with those assets, and then take steps towards reaching your goals in the shortest time possible. If that's of any genuine interest to you, I would welcome a call with you. All the best on your journey!

I wrote a little $10 ebook on "How to be in your day job until your business takes off". It speaks from the perspective that you currently have a day job to cover your expenses until your business takes off. If that is your situation, shoot me an email and I'll happily send you a free copy!

If you'd genuinely value a clear, steady space to think out loud, eliminate overwhelm, and gain clarity regarding the many options you are faced with, I do hope you will consider giving me a call.

I used to have the same fear, and it held me back for many years from taking any real action in my life. What I've discovered is that ideas are worthless without the ability to execute on them, and that until I started talking to people about them, I could never execute on them in any real way.

Moreover, if an idea is not my own, then my ability or interest in seeing it through to fruition fall somewhere between slim and none. Companies have their own initiatives and projects: they most likely won't have interest or capacity to take on yours. On the contrary, they may end up partnering with you to develop it. Brett Kelly's "Evernote Essentials" is a great example of that.

Even with all that, I will admit there is a slight risk that an unethical company will take your idea and run with it. If that's the case, and you can't proceed without cluing them into it, then you need to decide whether that's a risk worth taking. If you don't, your idea is worthless anyway, so what do you really have to lose? If they do steal it, then it's probably not a company you should waste time developing a product for anyway. Either way you connected your insight to action, which will undoubtedly lead you to more insight and more action: Win-Win!

I hope that perspective quiets your fears and empowers you to step boldly in your life so you can start exercising your genius in financially substantive ways. If you feel you could benefit from some additional support or clarity, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. All my client conversations are confidential.

Ideas for start ups are easy: the ability to execute an idea is what makes an idea (and you) valuable.

Starting a successful business begins with the willingness to fail. You won't get everything right, but you will learn a lot in the process. Beyond that, "extensive customer development" (as Tom Williams suggested) will save you valuable time and money. Create a hypothesis, then go out and ask people whether it is something they are interested in. Allow your idea to shift based on what you learn.

Also, start before you are ready, and get your prototype in front of as many people as possible to get valuable customer input. That doesn't mean you need to implement every change they suggest: the real value is the dialogue from such a partnership. You will gain great insight into your business from these discussions.

Surround yourself with other budding entrepreneurs, even if it's just virtually. A mastermind group can be a great source of support and insight to keep you moving towards your goal. Listening to founder stories are also useful. Some great podcasts I'd recommend: "The Fizzle Show: Honest Online Business Advice" and "Seth Godin's Start Up School". There's many more, but those two top my list.

If you feel you could use benefit from some goal clarity to make sure that when you get where you're going that it's someplace you actually want to be, I'd welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Hope that helps!

I just recently helped a client with this same issue which resulted in a great breakthrough in his new business, so perhaps I can help you as well.

My suggestion: Gain clarity about what you want your work/life to look like that aligns with your personal values, identify a client base who fits into that design, and then market to them using the rate that they would expect to pay for such a service. When you place the vision for your life at the center of the equation and build out from there, you will get clients who are happy to pay for "you" rather than just for your service.

For example, your question implies that your current client base is less than ideal because they are choosing cheap service instead of choosing you. A more elite market expects to pay more, and often equates a lesser rate with lesser quality. Clearly you have an impressive background. It may help you to think of your rate in terms of what your ideal clients want to pay rather than what you are worth. You will lose lower paying clients, but you will also lose the headaches that many of them bring into the project and create space for more ideal clients.

The book, "Book Yourself Solid", is a resource that you might find helpful. Of course if you have any follow up questions, I'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Hope that helps!

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