Adam LiebCEO at Duxter

Started my first website @ 11 creating strategy guides for gamers. The site was acquired by IGN. I then got started in the virtual goods business, before any of us called it that. Basically I bought swords, shields, and gold in MMORPGs from gamers who had a lot of time and no money, then resold them on my website to gamers who had a lot of money but no time. That business grew and expanded into Gaming Synergies. I bootstrapped GSN to seven figures in revenue spanning our twenty-five networked sites. GSN helped put me through college @UW and my JD/MBA @ Pepperdine. In 2012 I founded Duxter. A social network for gamers seeking to be the home for your gamer life. I am currently the CEO @ Duxter where I recruit talented folks, raise outside capital, and set the vision. I also advise a handful of startups. I love brainstorming problems, coming up with solutions, and helping others build amazing products.

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