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In my experience, the best way to learn about Scrum is to attend a Scrum course by Scrum, Inc, and in particular, taught by Jeff Sutherland. Jeff is the founder of Scrum Inc and has A LOT of experience.
Course listings are here:

At Webs, we tried doing scrum without this training, and we ended up doing it all wrong for years. Our velocity was constantly going down, and we kept trying to fix it to no avail. During Scrum training, Jeff goes through WHY all of that happened, and how to implement things the right way. His experience with a broad array of organizations really helps him understand what YOU will need to succeed. (Definitely ask questions about your specific case. He will have answers.)

I'm not big on training courses in general, but this course should be thought of as necessary for anyone implementing scrum.

Agree with Daniel. Flash is outdated, and even Adobe is moving away from it. Disney will surely move to modern technologies like Canvas soon.. it just takes time to move an entire industry from one technology to another. The tooling behind Flash is still much better for publishers than that of Canvas, but as I said, Adobe is working on creating tools to generate HTML5 content instead of Flash.

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