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I agree with all answers above. Kenneth Todd has a very good point about video marketing (especially if you are concerned about cost).

These are just some of the basics:

YouTube videos, as well as other videos, show up in Google’s listing. People regularly search within YouTube.

When creating a video you should consider your goal. For example is it for Relationship building? List building? Other…?

Video marketing should be based on the same keyword research as paid and organic search optimization. You might want to have a video for each keyword you want to rank. These could be a few minutes long (e.g. “how to” videos) or just 30 second introduction videos. Each video should have keyword based title and description and include a link to a specific page on your site. Videos also should be organized in Channels and playlists.

You might want to also upload your videos on other video sites (although you will need to make some changes in order to avoid duplicate content).

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