Terena Bellentrepreneur (translation co) w successful exit

Terena Bell recently sold her company to a competitor. While CEO of In Every Language, she was on the White House Business Roundtable, was secretary of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) board and served on the Association of Language Companies (ALC) national leadership council. She writes the popular column "Micro/Macro" for MultiLingual Magazine, as well as for Stanford Social Innovation Review, User Experience Magazine, American Marketing Association Advertising Insights, and others. Terena has been quoted by Inc, Forbes, and CNN Money.

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You are 100% correct. Just like you, customers in other countries want to understand what they're buying. Studies have shown they're actually 6 times more likely to buy when a website is available in their native language, and that 85% of global shoppers will not buy at all in a non-native language. Having a translated website also helps people find you/improves your SEO, as even if someone is willing to check out a site in English, they search in their own language.

I'm happy to help further. Just let me know, and thank you!

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