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- Work on your Onboarding: make sure users can understand your value proposition quickly and make the most out of your software.

- Emails / In-App Message
- Retargeting Campaigns
- Customer Success
- Start call / demo

Overall, you need to make sure your users use your software during the free trial and that they understand what it'll bring to them in the future.

Let's schedule a call and I'll help you to design your onboarding and convert more users ;)!

2 different solutions:

#1: Ad Proxy
They serve ads throughout the web and these websites act as referrals in order to gather statistics about the Ads.

#2: Fake Referrals
The websites use bots in order to fake referrals and appear on analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel.

Either way, if you want to generate traffic, you'll have to rely on more high-level channels like SEO, PPC or Social.

As the others said, the answer is not black or white. There is no silver bullet and something that worked in one industry might not work in another one.

As an example, I ran PPC for a wide range of company. I acquired free trials for less than $1. In another company, we acquired emails for $15.

In order to discover what can work for your business, you need to run experiment on each channel and discover by yourself. You'll be able to compute the CAC (Cost of Acquiring Customer) of each channel and to discover what is truly effective for your business.

If you want more information on the overall process, I'd advise you to read this article: http://www.coelevate.com/essays/growth-process-first-tactics-second

There is not a lot of details with your question. But here is some competitive advantage you can get:

- Visibility
- Branding
- Money
- Users / Customers
- Ressources: see assets (physical, intangible, human...)
- Processes / Methods
- Technology
- Marketing

And the list goes on...

Websites and Online Marketing are two very complicated subject. Domain name is only one very simple variable. If you only have a domain name with a landing page and you don't do anything with it, then you probably won't have any traffic.

It's not because something is online that people will come to it. You have to put effort and energy into it if you want anybody to see it.

For WordPress, you could run a multi-site installation that would allow you to manage all of your website in one dashboard. Giving you the flexibility to manage a lot of websites inside one single interface.

Regarding your domains, if you only put a landing page, without any marketing, there is a low probability that people will ever come. You should cut down the list to a smaller number. A number of website which you can manage, market and write for.

I'd be happy to help you on the phone if you have any further questions.

In the B2B environment, especially with medium businesses, it's common to subscribe for a long period of time. It's even more common if you solve a business critical problem (accounting, finance etc...), companies are not going to change solution overnight.

Annual payment is also a great way for SaaS vendors to generate revenue fast in order to invest massively in new acquisition. Annual payment allows you to recover your CAC and make a profit in just a few days (against months for monthly payment).

If you don't give any incentives to users to subscribe annually, then I don't see why they would. They better use the software and pay as they go. So I would advice you to create a little incentive to make your annual payment a bit more appealing to users (5% or 10% may even be enough).

I would also advice you to test those different assumptions on your real customers. Maybe they're used to paid annually without any discount.

I'd be happy to help you with the particulars on the phone or via email. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

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