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Founder of multiple mobile app companies. My apps range from Photo Editors to Drawing Apps. 20 000 000 downloads to date. 1 000 000 per month. All from App Store Optimization. I've always run my business working 20h per week. Everything is outsourced (except ASO & monetization)

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I disagree with most answers and I'll tell you this: don't put any money into advertising. Apple's algorithm is a machine. When you stop pushing downloads, your downloads go back to where they're naturally supposed to be. You should buy traffic if you know that each user brings you more money than what it costs you to get the install. On a different matter, I don't believe launch is as important as other people say. Ok you're going to get a spike of downloads for maybe a week or two but that's not long term business. You need to constantly improve your marketing with new updates, try new stuff out, change your screenshots, keywords, icon, title, change category until you hit it. When I launch an app (not a game), I can get anywhere between 500 to 10 000 downloads per day for the first week and then it naturally goes down to 100 to 1500/ day. After that I try new stuff out in my apps to get the downloads up. If you're new in this business don't waste money in buying traffic

I would recommend to search for different types of monetisation including ad networks such as applovin, play haven, admob, mopub

Launch. If it's successful that's great and you'll be adding an additional feature to it later on. If not you can still take it out of the store, wait for the new feature to be ready and republish it. BTW: adding a new feature to an app has never changed the download figures of my apps, it can change the user satisfaction or the number of stuff they buy in your app. I know it's a strange thing to say but it's a fact. Changing your marketing (keywords, icon, screenshots) is far more effective

If you main objective is to know if there's a market for your app, then I would suggest to log on to your iphone and search for "diabetes". Then log on to and try to see if some of these apps are successful (check their ranking, you might need to create a free account for that). You won't be able to know how many downloads they are getting... but if I see it I might give you a rough estimation. If no apps are successful, then there is no demand

Hey man,

I have been a mobile app start up in the past, I don't consider myself a start-up anymore as I'm profitable. My advice: you need to learn from the best. That includes Chad Mureta for apps & Trey Smith for games. From them you'll learn the basics. You''re unlikely to strike gold from your first app, you'll strike gold once you've done a bunch and understood what works and what doesn't. I insist: you need to learn from the best in the business and be around people successful in apps to share tips and strategies. If you must know, you don't need to know programming, I don't and my fellow app-entrepreneurs don't either. You're better off learning how to outsource to sites like elance & odesk. Making mobile apps is a process and you need to learn it before you can start making $

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