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Rochelle Veturis Coles is CEO of Sister Act Media: Public Relations & New Media Strategy. As a consultant she works with entrepreneurs, high-level communicators, business and government organizations to get them up to speed with the "socialmediasphere" through seminars and private coaching. She's been recognized as a Twitter Powerhouse by the Huffington Post, a Social Media Pioneer by the Orange County Register, and Orange County's Queen of Twitter by OC Metro Business. She is co-producer and host of the O.C. Social Media Summit, an event which drew more than 1,200 in-person and virtual attendees and became a "trending topic" on Twitter in its inaugural run. As a social media correspondent Rochelle has covered events for the Children's Hospital of Orange County, Cameron Siemers Foundation, Irvine Public Schools Foundation, Compassion International, HomeAid Orange County, Saddleback Church, and Baldwin Park Dogs.

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Webinars! Check out a company called They have been killing it in this arena by using weekly webinars to engage, educate, introduce and offer their software to attendees.

In fact, they recently taught a strategy on how you can do webinars for free (without paying the costs of using, say, a GoToWebinar software):

1 - The formula involves setting up a Google Hangout ( Set the webinar for "later."
2 - Get a chat feature embedded (i.e.,
3 - Create a page to host your hangout (I suggest using one of the LeadPages pre-made templates)

I've seen webinar marketing work in almost any industry. It's nice because people feel like they've spent time with you but it's scaleable for you, the business owner/marketing director, because you can have many people there at once.

Also, the idea of appointment marketing works well. And it's not surprise that Fortune 500 companies use this as the #1 sales mechanism to drive more sales.

LeadPages has a whole free course on webinar marketing. If anything I've written above interests you, then I'd definitely recommend you check it out:

I was just on a webinar this past Friday with a gentleman who has hosted more than 150 live webinars this year, alone. He does not recommend that businesses use Periscope or Meerkat for live events because these platforms, while cool + novel, do not allow you as the business owner or marketing director to harvest lead information.

If you're considering a live way for folks to join and learn more about your brand's product or service, webinars and podcasts are the way to go. They are much more scaleable while offering the benefit of "appointment marketing," a feature many Fortune 500 companies use as the #1 sales mechanism for their business.

If you're still convinced you need to learn Periscope and/or Meerkat, check out a woman named: Hilary Rushford. I believe she offers a free training on Periscope.

I would show up and communicate how extremely teachable you are - be honest about the fact that yes, you are young, but it's a benefit to them because they can teach and train you exactly how they want to. And since you're young you haven't picked up any habits that cannot be broken - and you're not set in your ways, you are moldable and willing to be flexible. Since the ball is in their court at present, have you followed up with a hand-written thank you card? This would be a perfect place to communicate all of the above - but before you do that, thank them for their time, for giving you the opportunity to interview, mention a couple of details about what makes the company such an ideal place to work, or such a team-oriented, conducive work environment, or how great the people are (note specifics), etc. :-)

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