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Living in San Francisco, I have coffee with a lot of entrepreneur friends. Consistently they come away from talking to me with new strategies, brand names, even ways to have better friendships and relationships. I don't tell anyone what to do. Rather, I get what's happening for them, or what their idea is, and give them the tools to see clearly. Also happy to get in there and brainstorm, that's a lot of fun too!

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In almost any business your first clients will come from the network of people you know. Be bold in letting everyone who knows you know what you are up to and why you are good at it . Once you have your first few under your belt you will have a better sense of what makes you unique and spatial. Also you will hopefully start to get some word of mouth referrals from people who like your work. Additionally look for people you know or are connected to who have influence the people who know lots of people with the problems you solve and offer them a free consultation. Have some good materials about your offer and give it to them once they love your work. It's like starting a campfire, one you have a flame it's easy to fan, it's the first flame that takes most of the work.

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