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Founder of AMO Consulting, and member of the John Maxwell Team. I help leaders as a coach, consultant and advisor. Over 10 years experience in developing leaders in small business, non-profits, universities and large companies.

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My background is in HR, OD specifically, and I have made my business location independent as a leadership coach and consultant. Using the model of one on one coaching/consulting, traveling to speak at conferences or do in person training on occasion and creating online courses in your area of expertise you can create a successful, location independent business. I would be happy to speak with you (from my apartment on a tropical island) about how I have done this!

In my experience LinkedIn would be the fastest way to identify who to contact at large companies. You can search the companies you know you want to target and look at the employees and their positions and find the head of Training, or Learning and Development and similar positions usually within HR. Since you want to target sales teams specifically, you could also search the Director/VP of Sales positions. You can also search those positions directly and see what comes up. With LinkedIn Premium you can send InMail directly to them. You can also go directly to their websites and look at the 'about us' and 'meet our team' pages of the companies you want to target. Sometimes contact information is listed for them, other times you can see just a name, but can then go to LinkedIn and search for them there. I have also successfully found email addresses by simply Google searching "John Doe Company Name Email." You can call the main line of the organization and choose the person's name from the automated directory or simply ask the operator to connect you. I was successfully connected with the Global Vice President of Talent for a very large organization simply by knowing her name from the about us page and calling the main line and using the automated directory to connect to her direct phone line. Hope this helps! I would be happy to discuss further on a call.

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