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This is a great question! I have built many websites and e-commerce websites and in my opinion my go to platforms for ready made e-Commerce software is WooCommerce which is built upon WordPress. The possibilities are literally endless with the combination of the two! You can hire a developer to do the work for you or you can learn yourself and build a very amazing e-commerce experience for your prospective customers. What business vertical are you building this e-commerce platform for? Id love to chat specifics with you to develop a solid business plan for building a killer site!

This is a really great question! I have authored or co-authored numerous blogs, articles, recipes, website copy, and educational content. Whenever I begin a new writing project I always start off with what my objective or goal of the piece is. What are you looking to teach the reader by the end of your piece of writing? What messages are you trying to convey? These are some of the concepts I think about prior and during my writing process. I'd love to chat more in depth about my thought process when it comes to creating high quality optimized writing content!

Excellent question! I am really happy to hear that you are even considering this as an option, you are not part of the select few known as entrepreneurs! Whenever I start a new business I always outline my vision for the business as well as my short, near and long term goals in terms of where I want my business to be. What kind of business vertical are you looking to get into? I'd love to chat more with you to help you solidify your vision as well as your goals for you new business venture, best of luck!

This is a great question. I have worked with many people in this industry such as virtual assistances and gig workers. I suggest vetting the prospects and making sure they are able to complete the task at hand. Always check references as well as prior jobs that they have done in the past. Id would also add that you must be very specific and detailed in your explanations and instructions to make sure you obtain your desired ad. Id love to chat about the specifics of your situation and what you would need to have a really successful posting of your your house!

This is a fantastic question! I would suggest starting with looking for other businesses that had affiliate programs in the niche of your website/blog. There are multiple ways of funneling and layering content on your website to drive your engaged visitors to successfully complete a call to action such as purchasing an affiliate product. Id love to discuss the specifics of your situation to tailor the most efficient and effective solution for your application.

Excellent question, I would highly recommend starting with people that you already know in your network who possess the skills you are looking for. Then I would follow it up with searching on Fiverr for professionals to complete the tasks you have remaining.

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