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Venezuelan Entreprenuer. Early Investor in TakeOff Technologies (2018). Early Investor FlowKana (2018). Sevenreasonsdc co-owner (2018). Immigrant Foods Investor (2019). Boston University ‘20. Eaglebrook alumni 15’. Expert with International relations and networking. Social Addict. Hoping to teach others how to make strong business and social relationships. Also hoping to teach them how to hold such relationships.

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There are many zoom conferences you can attend! I would recommend the Harvard and MIT LATAM conference done by the Harvard business club. I have attended physically many times and I always manage to learn a lot. Its has a very good price at 20-40$ and it includes a full day pass

First of all, you have to figure out what type of investors usually invest in such startups. What I mean by that, is what is the profile you sould be looking for. Then you should earn their trust and respect (there are many ways to earn such qualities). Finally, you state clearly what your company’s mission statement and vision is. You have to earn the investors!

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