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I have a few tips how to design the perfect training online course.

First of All, What is a Training Module?

A training module is a component of an online course that focuses on a specific objective and is designed to teach on a specific topic.

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2) Pre-work activities to ensure your attendees are engaged and ready for learning

It’s important to give your attendees the right expectations and prepare them for your session. Doing so can help them feel more engaged and be successful in the session.

What are possible pre-work activities you can do to ensure that your attendees are ready for training?

- Send an email with reminders about the session and its objectives

- Send a survey to get feedback from your attendees on what they want from training

- Ask questions about their work, their industries or other topics relevant to the workshop

3) Content selection and how it should vary based on learners' motivations and background knowledge.

-Collect their contact information

-Introduce them by name

-Provide a brief overview of the program

Section 2: What to do during the session

-Introduce the presenter and any co-presenters

-Distribute handouts

-Introduce agenda and explain how it's going to unfold

-Introduce the presentation topic and the structure of the presentation

-Summarize the key points of what you'll be covering in the presentation

4) Presentation style & format - What does the instructor need from their slides?

The objective of a presentation is to communicate one's message to the audience. Presentations can be formal, casual, colloquial, or even a mixture of different styles.

In order for an instructor to present their ideas effectively they need to have a slide deck. This is a visual display of all the content that will be communicated during the presentation. A slide deck can include images, text and video clips or anything else that will help convey the instructor's message. They should have a clear introduction and conclusion so it is easy for people who are listening to follow along with what they are saying as well as some slides that stand out from the rest of the material in order for those listening to remember key points from the presentation more clearly.

If you have a question that is not on this list, please email me.

Sharing with you some useful articles (how-to) for creating online courses for selling:
1. - Complete Guide on Course Development by Michael Sheyahshe, he has over 2 decades of experience in the design and development interactive media, tools, simulations.
2. - HowTo Guide on 'How to make online course interactive' by Helen Colman, instructional designer of iSpring
3.Also, i wrote that article on about eLearning standards, hope it helps some:

About tools you can check comprehensive guide here:

And if you have a questions - i will glad to answer on it!

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