Norberto SalinasI am an Introvert turned Extrovert!!

We’re living in an extremely social society. Where speaking and confidence is a talent needed to navigate the social spectrum.

I do calls to help those who want to break out of their introverted nature and into becoming outgoing and confident.

Speaking and confidence is needed. Wether trying to grow a YouTube channel, an IG account, to navigate the workplace, or making friends.

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I am an introvert turned extrovert.

I dealt with the same issues growing up. I was extremely introverted because of it. One of the main reasons for social anxiety or lack of confidence is that. In every person there’s a desire to be accepted by your peers. Wether at school or in the work place. People need to feel accepted. One reason a lot of people get anxious around people or lack confidence. Is they fear not being accepted.

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