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There are 2 popular pricing methods. One cost+ pricing and other value-based. I have always preferred the latter one.

A general rule of thumb method for cost+ pricing is that if your cost of goods is $1 then keep the pricing thrice i.e. $3. This varies from business to business. Also, you may go by calculating the fixed costs and the variable costs in your business and then mark it up with profits.

Talking about value-based pricing, it is completely based on how do you position your product/service and the value it translates on the customer's end. A great example of this would be Apple products. However, this model would be difficult to implement on commoditized products/services.

Without knowing the specifics (how many years of experience, what kind of industry connects & their worth, current split between founders and other stake holders etc), it is difficult to estimate the equity share.

Depending on the above, a share anywhere between 10-20% should be good enough. This again varies with the monetary compensation the CPO is provided.

If one wishes to do it themselves, Youtube or can help.

If not, then just call for a technician from the manufacturer of the printer.

The credits that you already received are under AWS Activate Founders. Quoting from the AWS website, "If you have previously received AWS Activate Founders benefits, you are ineligible to apply again. You can only receive AWS Activate Founders benefits once."

However, check if you are eligible for their AWS Activate Portfolio Program.
This provides $100,000 USD in AWS Credits.

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