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So this all pretty well comes down to how developed your ideas are:

1. Ready to go and tested
2. A concept with some research
3. Just an idea

So if your number 1, you can go down the route of a few options but before that, if you're in situation 2 or 3 it's very challenging to sell to a big company just a raw idea.

Now getting focus on situation number 1. You have a few ways you can do this:

1. If the firm is a CVC (corporate venture capital) division or firm this might fall under their mandate meaning they would be way more open to taking your idea on and funding it. The secret to it is are you solving a problem that is of interest to them or their industry.
2. Licensing, is an option. This ranges from basically protecting your idea with an NDA and some other legal clauses for licensing all the way to you obtaining IP to assign rights to them. NOT IP is a great idea but I'm assuming you want to just sell them an idea
3. Collaboration with someone who has a great interest in your ideas within the organization. Now you would need to be very discrete in the start with a clear mandate you want to sell. I do want to point out this might end-up them wanting to hire you which might not be a bad idea. Consider it.

So those are three ways to go about it. If you want more ways or details on how to make that work do please reach out to me and we can discuss in more detail.

Thank you

There is roughly 5,000 growth hacker globally. This might surprise you as that sounds too small. Let me be very specific now.

I'm talking about real growth hackers, these are guys who original techniques are rooted in black-hat strategies and have migrated to the gray area. So why does it seem so many growth hackers out there, they focus on white hat techniques that are open to the public anyone can learn and do. The gray area techniques are secrets.

Why secrets, the less people know about them the longer they work for. 99.47% of growth hacks fail for this exact reason. So the more secretive the growth hack the better it works.

So what does this mean to you, your not going to find the best guys on freelancing sites or other expert networks that are widely available.

You need to network, and find the right person by getting to know them. Why, it's because if they are going to use their gray area techniques on your company they have to trust you.

Final note, on gray area, this is legal means, but not well known to the public. These techniques push the edge of many things without breaking them.

I hope this is helpful....

Yes. An idea's utility is entirely based on its ability to actually solve a problem and a successful idea creates value in the process.

Digging deeper into your question. More than one person can solve the same problem, the challenge is who can add more value. Remember big markets where you have mutilpel players, may exist for many reasons like

1. Market coverage
2. Market access
3. Unique value-adds
4. Time to market
5. Stability and availability

One of the challenges in our education and society where never been told we are "problem solvers". The better, the faster, and more value your ability to add when solving a problem the more valuable you become.

When it comes to Patent protection, its best to have another entity that holds your patents and all IP. This protects you from commercial liabilities and easier to sell your IP in the future.

Your entity with the IP will need to give exclusive assignment of rights to the operating entity. This helps with keeping your shareholders feeling safe and within the guidelines of good corporate governance.

Additionally, do not forget about other IP as well like copyrights, trademarks but more or less highly underestimated trade secrets. So for example, if you sign an NDA with someone ensure its covering the entity holding the IP.

Another tip, is keep it offshore, this helps you attract more potential investors and buyers. At the same time, you should be putting all your international patents in there.

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