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Dr. Parker, who is cheerful, attentive, gives sound advice, and has a lovey speaking voice, was born in America, educated locally and abroad. Dr. Parker enjoys living and has published works regarding the same. Her life is multi-faceted, and she is happy to share her insights, perspectives, some fun stories, also happy fictional and non-fictional adventures via fountainhead of her life's experiences, knowledge, observations, and philosophies with those who are willing and able to listen.

Dr. Parker hosts live seminars and small group workshops around the world. She is currently booked in North Carolina, until the end of May. If you are in the area and interested, you may, "Send A Message."

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You have asked the most important question(s) and in doing so, you have created your best resolve. You asked, “My question is whether I should build a new website on the .com domain that I currently have redirected to the .co domain (and reverse the redirect). Is it worth it to give up the age, limited domain authority and organic traffic (albeit very low) of the .co site to have a faster, more user-friendly .com site?”

If you create new content on your (.com) site, which may be done via migration, then redirect the (.co) to the (.com), the benefits far exceed any minor inconvenience(s) despite how you import the (.co) databases. There are no visible losses to users. Organic or (*paid traffic – unless ads are updated) will still land on (.co) and seamlessly be redirected to your (.com), etc. Further since the (.co) is only being redirected, neither its age, nor its limited authority would be affected should you ever decide to use the (.co) in future.

I hope my response has provided you some clarity.


What a great question.

One of my favorite coaching topics is overcoming insecurities. It is a favorite because the results are exponentially rewarding!

Not knowing the particulars limit my responses; therefore, broad-strokes answer is as follows:

Fundamentally, the underlying cause of your daughter’s inhibitions should be addressed because intellect is not necessarily synonymous with self-portrait.

I am not suggesting that your daughter should be psychoanalyzed; I am suggesting that it may take more than (positive reinforcement) to help your daughter communicate more effectively, which is a powerful tool in defining oneself, subsequently creating confidence that results in a more assured person even when that person’s thought, act, or response is incorrect. The confidence is derived from the process of doing the task to the best of one’s ability and having satisfaction in knowing that one has exhausted due diligence for the outcome.

With the proper exercises, this type of insecurity is easily resolved.

I hope this broad-strokes response provided some clarity for your daughter and you. “How to Communicate Effectively,” is one of my top skills-set. You may send me a message or call if you believe I may be of assistance. Regardless, I hope continued academic success for your daughter and a lasting positive resolution in her self-confidence. (smile)


MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is not a new concept; it has a high success rate and various implementations the most common being regulatory agency restrictions, which have to do with import/exports, good sold etc.

Additionally, no manufacturer can sell at cost (no markup) and remain in business. There are always “costs” with any goods/services sold.

I hope my broad-stroke response has provided you some clarity. I am happy to assist with specifics via phone consultation.


Most businesses despite the product fall under two general categories:

1. Products
2. Services

For USA based businesses – we consult on every aspect from Conceptualization-to-Completion, including federal, state, and local laws/regulations, etc. We even provide referrals for Branding (Logo/Product Packaging, etc.), Website Building & Security, SEO, Google Search, etc.

With a few more details we are happy to provide you clarity to help you reach your ultimate goals.

Hi there,

Clarity only allows email edits via Support, which may be reached here: support@clarity.fm

Hope this helps 😊


For USA based businesses – we consult on everything from conceptualization to completion, including federal, state, and local laws/regulations, etc. We even provide referrals for Branding (Logo/Product Packaging, etc.), Website Building & Security, SEO, Google Search, etc.

If you know what you want to sell (and it is not prohibited by law), we are able to provide clarity to have you up and running within 30-days on average.


Congratulations on your new degree! (smile)

If I understand what you are asking, after having completed your tier-one for higher education, you are now in a quandary as to what comes next in furthering your educational path.

You have expressed a concern of language barriers specifically in the field of psychiatry; however, I am unclear as to the specificities of the barriers.

For example, are you speaking of your potential professors not being able to communicate effectively, which prevents you from learning the material? Or perhaps potential patients who do not meet your language criteria?

If the latter, there are several options from establishing a niche client base to having various staff diverse in tongue, or even expanding your own vocabulary; however, your “next steps” for the ultimate outcome depends largely on your end goals, (i.e., to make money, to help people, to have prestige, etc., then your priorities, time-frame, your resources, the amount of investment and/or changes you are prepared to make to reach your end-goal and so many more factors), but without more details I am remiss to go further.

I am happy to communicate with you further if my response has been of assistance.

Either way, kudos to you for reaching out.

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