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I am an entrepreneur who is teaching and empowering students in India about entrepreneurship and business skills.
I am very skilled person in explaining how to validate your idea , different ways of funding and how to pitch your idea and also how to market your product in the initial stages of the startup .

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Well I always first think as a viewer . If I am a viewer I would definitely focus on trending issues and all the topics which are very much concerned with people's lives and also videos about celebrities and top personalities in the world , videos about money making , biographies of some famous personalities, super hit songs , movies . So if I were to make a video I will select a topic which is very much related to the people's interest and I would select a title which will attract the viewers at the first site itself inorder to get more views for my videos. If you want to know more I would be pleased to call you and tell you more about it

Well that's a very good question . Actually attracting the venture capital funding is not so easy as many think . Because there are lot of things one should ensure so that they get funding from venture capitalists. As they are going to pour their money into your company they also look into many things while investing in your company. First of all inorder to get Funding successfully you need to prove them how successful your idea can be if implemented . Right way of pitching is also very important in order to get funding from venture capitalists.
You can call me to know the effective pitching ways to get funding from venture capitalists

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