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We are working on a app to reward you for your productivity. We reward in our own currency the “SELF Coin” which is worth about $0.05 per coin right now. If you’re interested I can send over more information.

Create a mobile app prototype using and have small group test it for you. If they think it’s a good idea develop a beta and launch through TestFlight and get more users. As you grow you can leverage the user base you currently have and start to look for funding to build the app fully. Hope this helps!

Yes you just need to make sure you are building for their UI i can explain in further detail on a call

AppyPie is a good service to use. They have many integrations and you can apply your own code to advance their choices.

Use Upwork or Fiverr to find a good designer. Just make sure you ask the right questions before hiring

There are many websites that offer purchase order financing. Depending on what you need it for C2FO is a good company. I can also suggest others once I know more about your situation.

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