Istiaque Doza

Proprietor: B. Doza & Co. (Customs Consultancy and Brokerage within the territory of Bangladesh)
Founder & Managing Director: Eco-Business Initiatives Ltd. (Market entry for green solution providers for Bangladesh)
Director: YSI Bangla Ltd. (Online platform dedicated to serving the needs and requirements of the youth of Bangladesh)
Executive Director: Sunshine Business Consultancy Ltd. (Management Consultancy)
Exclusive Agent: Melangor PTE LTD. (Import and Export of various commodities)
Advisor: YSI Bangladesh (Start-up Accelerator)
International Partner: World Business Angels Investors Forum (The largest Angel Investment platform in the world dedicated to facilitating financial and digital inclusion, jobs and social justice.)

Recent Answers

It looks like you're attempting to obtain import/export data for a specific product for free. Importer/exporters, HS Codes, trade volume, and pricing are some of the information you seek.

While you ae looking for all of the appropriate information, I'm afraid it'll be difficult for you to get the information you're searching for free.

There are a few websites that will give you some of the information you're looking for, but most of it will be out-of-date by at least two years.

If you want my advice, I suggest you contact the relevant customs authorities in each country. You need to look into the availability of data and see if it's feasible. If not, you must decide how much you are prepared to spend on knowledge.

If the cost is acceptable, you should pay for it and obtain the information you require.

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