Jan KrasnodebskiGlobal Pricing and Advanced Analytics Leader

New product pricing/Competitive Pricing/Value-based Pricing

Leader in new product pricing and advanced analytics, with over 15 years of international experience introducing and building advanced analytic, machine learning and pricing expertise to drive profit growth across industries, including Internet, financial and healthcare (medtech).

- Pioneered and headed pricing at Medtronic International, winning the Marketing Excellence Award twice, for new product pricing and education. Priced the first transcatheter heart valve, pacemakers, ICDs, valves, heart-lung machines, vascular products, etc.
- Headed pricing at a Top 10 North American bank, focusing on transactions and deposits
- Introduced advanced machine learning and predictive analytic algorithms at Expedia, initially for traveler recommendations, then expanding to forecasting, revenue management and anomaly detection.
- Thought leader in multistakeholder recommendation systems
- Consultant to multiple start-ups in healthcare, IT, blockchain and consumer goods on pricing
- Pricing subject matter expert for Innosuisse, the Swiss government Commission for Technology and Innovation
- MBA from IMD
- MS from MIT
More at: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/

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Penny stocks are like options. The longer you hold them, the less likely they will pan out in the end. They need a specific catalyst for them to go up. Usually it is some sort of hype. But over time as the company uses up its money, it has less and less of a chance of surviving or having any meangingful activity.

If you are looking for a speculation - that is what penny stocks are - with a longer time frame, look at cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin or ethereum. They are still speculative and can go to nothing, but at least time is on your side, as interest in blockchain grows and governments print enormous amounts of money.

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