Vashti JosephCOO, Renaissance Equities, e-commerce

Expertise in retail and operations logistics as well as mobility (transportation) training and operations. 8+ years of experience in project management and inventory management with focus on eCommerce.
CAPM Certified | Lean Six Sigma | MBA with supply chain logistics concentration
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My husband and I both work from home and have a 2.5 y/o. I wouldn't say the word for it is "stressful" but it is oftentimes hectic and always busy. Your time is not always your own and that can make you feel overwhelmed. It is important to take breaks and take the time to do something for yourself every day (not just work). Sometimes this means working at night or working during a nap. It helps to have an employer that understands your situation (this is hard to find, I know). If you have a partner that lives with you, I would suggest dividing up tasks (daily, weekly, whatever works for you) and printing it out in a visible place (front door, fridge, bedroom door, bathroom mirror) and check off errands as they are done. We make a little competition out of it and the winner gets a 10 min massage at the end of the week!

The future of work is remote and the future is here. Some companies are trying to catch up and adjust to the "new normal" while others have been preparing for this transition since hiring remotely allows you to hire the best talent regardless of location. One of the jobs of the future (in my opinion) is going to be "Remote Work Manager" or "Director of Remote Teams". Just like the role of social media manager that didn't exist fifteen years ago, this will be a new role that will become a niche very quickly.

Start by including this in your LinkedIn profile (there is a section for this type of offer) and self-promote throughout your professional network. There are also lots of non-profits looking for assistance.
Work for good and Idealist are two good websites you can check out for this type of work.

One website that I have found to be very useful for creating content for your brand is:
You can enter key words related to your product (dating advice videos) and see what individuals are searching for online regarding any given topic. Let me know how you like it!

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