Nourhan KamalI study electrical and electronics Engineer.

The courses I took include Mathematics for engineers, advanced Physics, and digital electronics. My background in the field is more self-study. I grow up with a great passion for technology, thus, I have taken workshops in Arduino and embedded systems. Through high school, I built several projects like Graphene batteries, a smart irrigation system, and IoT based water tanks system.

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As an engineer, believe me if you missed month without developing yourself, your career will fall dramatically. The system now is so fast and employers search for highly qualified, thus I always try to get into courses, workshops, and even exchange program where I could develop my soft skills.

If I am one of your viewers, I'd like to find the exact same I am searching for and u provide. I highly recommend to mention every related vocab to your description, so you always on search list. Regarding titles, keep it simple and up to the content. If you provide education content, mention the part and question you will go through.

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