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Have you done proper market analysis to know where there are higher saturation of your target audience? Starting regionally is always preferred for GTM strategy (well not always, but in your case I would say it is.) Focus on an area you can really saturate and build a multi-channel approach to reaching your target audience where they are. Social is a no-brainer because it's cheap and easy. But, consider other growth hacking strategies - join groups on Facebook where your users are, answer quora questions related to your topics, if you're able to, getting on the ground there and doing some event marketing is helpful. The second piece is your product. Is it built to support growth? What happens when a user lands on your site, is there an automation engine to nurture them back if they don't immediately convert? What other tactics are you employing on your site to capture users who may only be passively interested before you completely lose them? For example, I assume your site will require a relatively lengthy sign-up process (by lengthy I mean more than just email.) Consider newsletter sign-ups, or a launch page with 'sign up to be considered for the beta' page with just an email capture. Obviously I've just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of strategies but hopefully these have at least offered some interesting things to consider. Thank you!

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