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Information systems auditor, CISA certified. Hands-on experience auditing electronic card payments business. Reviewed processes such as personalisation of cards, chargeback procedures, Card Management Systems, settlement of transactions. Merchant best practices to guard against loss from card frauds and defaulting chargebacks.

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Cloud funding platforms are a good way of raising funds for various causes. However, a major concern on the part of the giver may be issues around transparency regarding what the money is being used for. To address this, there should be clear communication on the part of the receiver stating and possibly providing pictures showing what the funds have been used for.
In addition, if an option is going to be provided for donations to be made online, ensure that the platform is secure.

I develop my soft skills often. There are many available videos on youtube that can help one do this. The key is to constantly seek self improvement. Aspire to gain knowledge and learn new things and skills. Create time for this too.

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