Melanie StephensonStay at home Momprenuer, virtual Home Organization

I am a certified organizational Specialist.
Through ClutterBug 6/2019

Owner and founder of ClutterCat
Virtual Home Organization

Experience in own home with my method.
Research nerd, people pleaser, stay at home mom (starting homeschooling this year)

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Facebook and/or Instagram would be the best place to start.
Especially Instagram since it is mostly graphic based you can show pictures of what you have, friend wearing it or send picture of their bedroom you designed.
Before and after pictures are good.

I would definitely look into coaching programs for social media branding, ect.
I am apart of a coaching community group on Facebook that is around $30/month
They after the perfect starting place to learn the basics

Honestly, at least for me, a lot of trial and error. Also asking people (I have found that people from church see things you or your family don't) what they see as your strengths.
I also joined a social media coaching group through Facebook which really helped a lot. Paid group so tons of value, meeting other women that are there to help you every step of the way!!

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