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The partnership is not likely to pan out well for either of you. Sustainable partnerships need shared visions and goals for both parties, otherwise you are in it for material reasons that can easily dissipate with any sign of trouble.

Although it can be much easier and cheaper to partner while starting out, I would not recommend the one you described if they are not taking on costs and risk. For now, I would suggest outsourcing the development and maintenance. It looks like it would surprisingly cost less in the long-run (which normally would be the case for seeking a partnership).

Good luck.

What you want to do is create a relationship with that new potential customer. People can only oo and ah for so long, so what you want to do is create a compelling offer to bring them in. This is why candy and treats often work. Whatever it is, make it instantly satisfying and memorable (homemade cookies, perhaps?). Then strike up a conversation about your product or service. Just remember to always keep the potential customer in mind.

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