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Margot Black is an experienced, enthusiastic and intuitive Public Relations visionary and marketing coach who can turn your story into profit and make you more client and media attractive. The driving force behind Hollywood-based boutique agency Black Ink Public Relations and Marketing, she is known for her clear, creative and compelling campaigns and is without doubt the woman you wish you’d hired years ago.

A coach with passion and a PR genie who makes public relations, media and marketing dreams come true, Margot works with joy, dedication, strategy, efficiency, compassion and creativity. Nobody knows how to get an audience’s attention like Margot does.
Offering coaching to all people in all countries and all lands, she will hone your marketing stories, pitches and consumer outreach so that they are client atrractive and, increase your marketing expertise, clarify your branding and bring more customers to you.

A one-time stand up comedian and former TV writer, Margot takes storytelling techniques from Plato to Pixar and uses them to throw the spotlight on your own story, enabling your marketing campaign to sing its way to success.

With more than 20 years experience in travel, tourism, lifestyle, reputation management, entertainment, creative entrepreneurs, events, stunts, hospitality and fashion PR, her savvy hands-on multi-platform approach to each campaign, ensures extraordinary results every time.

She has championed social media as a revolutionary connection force across the globe, finding it to be another natural platform for clients storytelling, exhibiting product passion, engaging with customers and all around marketing creativity.

Alongside traditional print and radio campaigns, press trips and event planning, Margot brings to the table her invaluable experience as a television writer/producer and media executive. She instinctively knows what kind of content TV, radio and internet outlets are looking for when they’re packaging a segment – and with today’s multi-media approach to publicity, that is the kind of insider knowledge she will be able to pass on to you.

In the last ten years, Margot’s work includes following tourism campaigns: Visit San Luis Obispo County and Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast Food and Wine Festival, Red Lion Hotel Anaheim, Walk Japan, Premier Tours, Hotel Maya/ MySpace Wedding (in association with, Chile Tourism, Denver Tourism (during the 2008 Democratic National Convention), Washington State Tourism, The Pacific Edge Hotel, The State of California, North West Washington, Kirkland, Washington, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Florida, Arizona, and Monte Carlo Beach Hotel in the Principality of Monaco. In addition, she has worked on fashion and accessory campaigns for Oscar Nominees Gift Bags (clients contributed over $1.75million, securing coverage from the red carpet during the Oscars broadcast), Leon’s Fine Jewelry of Beverly Hills, Parade Design, Lotta Stensson Designs, Bed Hog, Blankyclips, Nikki’s Magic Wand, Love Leeves Pillows and She has brought in millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity and visibility across the globe for clients.

Margot is keen to show that no matter what your budgetary constraints are (big or small), she can counsel and coach in an intuitive way that will see your bottom line increase. Stories are currency and she will demonstrate how you are sitting on a goldmine! She is the author of a book called "Where's My Award? How to Get Baby Barf Out of A Red Carpet and Other Tales from A Working Mom in Hollywood" as well as an e-booklet "How to Make The Media Love You". She is a published and produce author/writer/journalist across many media platforms.

When she's not waving her magic PR genie wand, Margot is a trophy wife to her husband Rob, and perfect mother to their son Jett.

Recent Answers

I think the most important first question to ask yourself is "has it been paying off for you in the past?" If you have been getting customers in the past from it (an older age bracket, local businesses looking for meeting space, local residents that need a place for family members or local businesses that host outside contractors ) then it continues to be worth the spend. May of the groups I wrote there can also find you on line, so you need to be able to qualify and quantify if the leads have been coming from the Yellow Pages. If, it hasn't worked for a while (and I suspect it hasn't been earning its keep if you're asking) then it's time to let it go.
If you do find you are missing a certain type of traffic that it gave you, you can always bring it back. But if you decide to let it go I would take that spend and direct it towards the type of customers you were hoping to reach in a type of outlet that those customers frequent.

Your marketing strategy and spend should be based on are you reaching the target audience via that channel? Is that channel relevant to that audience? If yes - continue. If not - find another channel to try. Hope that helps. I'd like to hear what you chose to do. Best wishes to you. Happy marketing.

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