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Growing business requires conscious strategic approach and executable tactics.
Looking at your product offerings, i will suggest the following steps :
1- Identify your area of strength and core competence from your previous operations
2-Classify the market of Shirts,Bedding designs,duvet and curtains into various categories of consumers
3 - Within the classified categories; find out the Void ,Desires and Share of the pocket
4-Streamline your findings to match or align with your area of strength
5-Focus your Strength on Closing the Void ,Meeting the Desires and Managing emotional cut from the Share of the Pocket
6- Build your Marketing campaign to promote your solutions on the above area , then Execute !
7-Pursue Excellence ;Don;t mind the small beginning of your sales cycle, Don't Stop.....Don't Quit !

you'll find the above useful .

You can call if you want me to share more experience on this .

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