therese wrightBranding & Design Consultant

I'm a brand consultant with over 20 years experience who will help you develop a powerful brand through positioning and design for a successful business.

I've developed a programme to bring clarity to your brand. It will help un-jumble all your information and organise it so you give a clear message for a powerful brand. The strategy will involve your goals, right through to finished design. On completion you'll have a polished, professional brand to bring you to the next level of your business.

I specialise in small businesses and promise not to disappoint.

Recent Answers

Before starting your online business you'll need to have a clear brand strategy. You'll need to develop your brand so it looks highly polished and professional so you stand out. Presumably, you'll need to sell online. Both WIX and Shopify and great platforms which can be done quickly and on very small budgets. There's so much more I could write here, but hope that helps as a start and happy to answer any specific questions, please contact me directly. Hope all goes really well and best of luck, Therese

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