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Ayelet Shipley is a speaker and mindset/anxiety coach. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Elon University and her master’s in Social Work at New York University. Having worked in the mental health field for years, she has a deep understanding of working with adults and children experiencing mental health disparities.

After experiencing both anxiety and depression for a decade, Ayelet is passionate about tackling these issues that can often control someone’s life. Her life was transformed after attending an entrepreneurial conference and she left the traditional educational/work path. She then turned her pain into passion and then into profit by helping entrepreneurs struggling with mindset, anxiety and accountability. She is the host of her own podcast “Get out of bed, out of your head” and spoke at this years Funnel Hacking Live. Ayelet believes her truest superpower stems from her struggles with anxiety and depression and helps others turn their struggles into superpowers as well. She uses this method to help others to start their own coaching programs, like she has, using a framework that hundreds of successful coaches have used even if people feel like they have no expertise and no idea where to begin.

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I have worked and created online businesses from start to launch to profit. This is an area that is extremely profitable right now and you can sell your services doing just about anything. The problem is people don't usually have a framework that is profitable to follow. I have one that thousands have used to make 100k within a year. Let me know if you would like some information on this!

Getting online is the time right now! I used a specific framework to turn my expertise into an online coaching program. It works for any services and has helped thousands of people get from idea to start to launch to profit immediately. If you want to set up a call to talk about this let me know!!

Become know, liked, and trusted! You want to become the attractive character in your business. The way to do this is to post crafted messaging in a specific framework to gain clientele. Message me if you want to set up a call!

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