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AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Puppet Certified Professional. DevOps at a German bank & Founder at
I implemented Scrum for various teams and helped startups and large organizations succeed in the cloud.

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Lead by example and just use the software by yourself. The best example of this happened with one of my clients where the guy who implemented Atlassian Confluence helped everyone format the pages right and just constantly put all notes and documentation in there. It didn't took more than a few weeks for a corporate (!) environment to adopt to this new Wiki engine.

Zend Framework 2 is one of the most used Frameworks out there standing next to Symfony 2/3. For example the Magento Shop Engine is based on Zend Framework 1 as well.

This said Zend Framework 2 is a good choice for web applications in general and there are lot's of developers out there. even offers certifications as Zend Framework 2 Certified Architect - so you can use their Yellowpages to find capable developers.

Anyways I would not recommend to start creating an ecommerce site from scratch since the existing engines provide so much more than a nice frontend for customers and payment gateway integrations. There are many existing engines you can customize - what most shops do.

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