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Seasoned fundraising expert with 10+ years experience in incorporating, launching and successfully raising capital for VC and Luxembourg investment funds. With €4.6Kbn AuM, Luxembourg is the world’s #2 financial center for investment funds and a vital player to raise European as well as Middle Eastern capital. I have been advising and servicing 3 of Europe's leading VC funds.

Management and/or servicing of Luxembourg investment vehicles with a strong focus on VC (also small caps, PE FoF and RE) totaling €1bn+ AuM:

• Setting up new investment vehicles (from incorporation to closing)

• Fundraising and investor relation (closing rounds, capital calls and distributions, reporting)

• Investment monitoring (performance analysis and reporting, audit & valuation, cash-flow management and depositary banks relationship)

• Conducting of day-to-day outsourced functions (domiciliation and accounting, daily management of outsourced workforce and enforcement of tailored procedures to get excellent service delivery)

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Offer your services to an hospitality chain and create a proof of concept at one of their locations. A key element in this equation would be an application (ideally a web app) enabling the target hospitality chain to monitor brand booking requests. Successful proof of concept would then lead to stage 2, meaning scaling the strategy to more locations of the target hospitality chain.

Monetizing the business model could involve fixed monthly fees to use the application, or a royalty based model factoring in the proceeds from brands seeking to advertise.

Keep in mind that many hospitality chains are making a substantial part of their turnover from side businesses that you can help them market amongst their own clientele. For instance an upmarket hotel could make up to 1/3 of its turnover from its in-house restaurants, spas, etc.

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