Paul LevineHI I am Paul known as Pauley The Plantman

Founder & Owner of Horticulture 2000 Aug 1 1995. We are interior plantscape and garden business. We design install and maintain plants in our clients offices. We also do light outdoor gardening. I am here to help you answer your questions and help you with your plants and gardening.
Founder & Owner of Horticulture 2000 Garden Talks & Lectures- Give different Horticulture Talks to different Libraries and Garden Groups.

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My feeling is to go to libraries and start speaking there. I have public speaking business and I give talks in different areas of Horticulture. I found my niche as a subject to talk about that I am very good in And I give my talks at libraries, garden clubs and other organizations. And I have given 191 talks since 2014 when I started my public speaking business. Another idea is to give some free talks to local business groups and chamber of commerce. I also give motivational talks and I went to a someones house and gave a talk in dealing with change 25 high school students were at that talk. I am in toastmasters and one of the people in my group asked me to do this. I will be happy to help you and give some ideas how to get some paid speaking gigs. Feel free to e-mail me or to schedule a talk with me.

I like that idea of giving a free lunch. It gives you a chance to know about the company you are targeting. More important it gets them to know about you and your company. They get a chance to see what you are offering and how you can help them and benefit from using you. Now you also get the chance to see what they are looking for and then see how you can help them as well. It is a win-win situation. It gets you in the door of companies that may not have seen you otherwise. Your goal is to get companies and people to know you. I would be happy to talk with you about this. Feel free to e-mail or setup a call with me.

I have a great passion for public speaking and can tell you there is a market. I have my own public speaking business for the past 6 years. You need to find something you are interested in and are good at. I would suggest joining a toastmasters group. That is a group that will help you develop your speaking skills. I have been a member of toastmasters for 9 years. I will be happy to talk more about this if you would like.

Great question. I think that you need to be on a few social media sights such as Facebook , Linkedin and Twitter. You need to get a good following in those sites. People need to know you and trust you. I think you need to engage in conversations with people . I think if you can do a zoom presentation about what you do that can do 2 things get well known to people. And it is a chance to build trust with people. Two other possible ideas join a networking group this will give you a chance to meet new people and develop relationships and build trust with people. Second Join a meetup group that is focused on social media. Good Luck with everything

I have 2 businesses and I can tell you that you need to put the time in it . However I do not think you need to put 60 to 80 hours a week in it. You need to be prepared and organized those 2 things are very important. You need to have a good routine how you do things. On occasion you might need to work those long hours. But if you have a good work routine you should be able to work 40 or 45 hours a week.

I have a couple of ideas let your friends on other social media sites know about it.Such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. In this case Facebook is probably the best. Let them know about what your goal and idea is on instagram. I have a friend who did something on instagram and two things I remember that helped him big time is first he had a nice following of people. And he had also had a great goal and idea for his thing on instagram. Another thing is to join a few networking groups and groups that focus on social media.

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