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As a Leader with experience of more than 20 years in Business Operations & Analytics, I am passionate about solving business problems & provide meaningful insight from raw data, that would help your company grow smarter, faster, efficient & ultimately more intelligent. I have helped Mangers to become future Leaders through coaching & mentoring them, which will equip them with the skills and qualities required to face the Day to day challenges of the everchanging Dynamic Business World.

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Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, where in you can use filters to granulize the search by sector, industry in your local area& then get connected with them

Few things you should focus on apart from Marketing.

List the services you specialize in.

Make a list of your Ideal client.

Have a magnetic message the state what our you expertise & how it adds value to the client in one line.

For Marketing use LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can use it for free with limited access for a month.

If you can call me I will be more than happy to assist you. I am an Operational Expert, helping companies scale growth.

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