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Very easy ,
Two things will amaze you and change ur life.
1- set a rule : always remember when ur about to spend ur money always know ur first rule. Is it important ?
2 - do I need it ?

Only spend ur money if both rules apply!
If you follow this secret life magic plan then your spending money wisely will Put the wise in your life and will make biggest change.
Anytime :) ur very welcome
Lmk if you need any further assistant.

Very simple and easy to accomplish a goal raising your teenager first of all ,
-Being patient is the first outcome of the picture to any goal.
-Showing love to your kid when trying to explain and point out a mistake or a problem.
-Never showing hate towards your son ,You can become hard on your kid when he’s done a mistake and including love at the same time when finishing Summing a point. Because that builds a major personality base to your son regarding when right time to love and get mad. Building these bases on any human bean will 100% gain a personality that knows and understands life Challenges dealing with love and making best actions in life. Lmk if you need more specific points I’m more than happy to make a difference in your life :)

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