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Allbirds is pretty straight forward if you do your online research, this article is a casestudy of allbirds,, you will see that he started out raising money through a kickstarter $119K and 2 years later after testing and lab work he launched with a marketing budget of $400K. Brand Strategy alone can run $50K and then you have to add on identity design, product design packaging, and online sales. All of this creates the full brand plan from strategy, design, production and website for $100K package then you would pay additional for a Marketing/Social and Sales launch.

As for happyskinco, they are a shopify site and product development brand that would start with Brand & Product Strategy work, I would say you would want at least a $60-80K budget to launch a similar brand and I would focus on Kurt Elster to help me develop the shopify site -

Hope this helps you to see the two brands you referenced have a well developed brand and it took allbirds since 2014 to grow the brand and presence.

Branding is a process NOT a single event.

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