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Physicist with 9+ years of experience in sales and business development in deep tech. Experience with research commercialization and founding and running a successful company in the field of industrial AI. If you have question about sales, market entry, product development, business models and plans for B2B tech business, I am the right person to talk to.

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That depends only on you! Try to fill your time with something useful that helps you later on. Learn a new language or a new skill, participate in hackathons to meet new people and maybe come up the next big thing, scout for opportunities. You know, currently everyone sits at home and is bored. It is the easiest time to get in contact with people that would be much to busy to talk to you during normal times....

Hi, as a software engineer you should have very little problem to generate a decent living. If you plan to start a business by yourself, I would strongly recommend to join a hackathon to find possible co-founders and/or generate new ideas. In times of COVID-19 there are plenty of online hackathons which are easy to join and a ton of fun. If you need any help developing a product or finding the right market, just let me know.

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