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Before you plow ahead with any marketing efforts and invest your time, energy and capital, think about the following.

1. Do you know your target customer? What is their demographic info? What is their education level, geographic location, income level, male or female etc.
2. What do they need that you have?
3. What are their hot buttons?
4. Where do they hangout?

Once you know that, then the discussion about marketing platforms, approach and channels can be implemented. Each online channel and platform, serves it's purpose to address those above points separately.

95% of online businesses don't do that before starting out and they end up spinning their wheels going in circles.

Trust this will be valuable to you. I am happy to set up a call to discuss further.



How are you planning on selling these? Is that via online channels, at trade shows, cold calling etc?

IF you are able to provide that info I will be able to provide you guidance on areas that I know well.


Here are some answers for you that I believe will help you.

1. You should implement a long term and short term strategy right at the beginning. What I mean is that there are essential parts to your marketing like SEO and content marketing that you need to implement right in the beginning, but will take a while to filter through, but these are essential if you want to have organic traffic. That would be L-T.

The best for Short term for a newly launched site is ad's. Word of warning though. Know your customers demographics such as age, income, education etc, know your competitors demographics and then find the platform (such as social media channels) where your ideal customer is based on those researched demographics and then roll out targeted ad's for them.

2. You have to implement social media strategies right from the beginning of course, based on your demographic research.

3. Get busy Blogging - start with content marketing now.

4. Sweepstakes - start a giveaway to get traction with clients and create awareness.

5. Make sure you collect emails as these are like gold dust for future email marketing.

6. Video marketing is essential for competitive retail space and very powerful to get found on search engines like Google.

Prior to me launching my digital marketing business 5 years ago, I built an online retail business and made many expensive mistakes. And they can be costly if not implemented correctly from the beginning.

So in summary: SEO - very important, Ad's, Social Media, Sweepstakes, Blogging, Video & email marketing.

I trust this will assist you. Let me know if you wish to have a call to discuss these or have follow up questions.


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