Tej BrahmbhattMaster of communication, negotiation, presentation

My passion and inherent skill - to help you in the art of effective communication & negotiation. I have helped hundreds of professionals and companies with verbal and written sales presentations, pitches, interviews, calls, etc.
For top sales professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs - I help you turn a difficult NO into a mutual rewarding YES
ME: Experienced corporate & investment banker of 20 years - I worked on highly complex, big ticket, and long sales cycle clients and deals. This arduous road of lessons taught me how to help you present (in person, phone, or written form) like a thoughtful, polished executive.

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I have taught on this and mostly done it myself; our clients are executives of private held large enterprises! Those are even harder than public companies to contact obviously. I do create custom written pitches for the actual content, in addition to helping infiltrate target prospects. Been doing such for over a decade+. Let’s chat if you wish.

I fit part of that description but not sure exactly of your question. Are you looking for ceos of those sized companies as clients or are you asking that of someone on this platform hitting those parameters? I think I can help but Please re-state with more detail.

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