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Love the thought process behind this! Very much into the idea of gamifying the career opportunity hunt. I would be curious to know what you define as "youth"? Are they still in school looking for professional internships? Or are these people ready to jump into the job market? Jumping off of your original thought, it could be interesting to have a networking platform specifically for youths looking for virtual/remote internships. To jump start this, it would be great to hold a virtual event of some sort to introduce the platform and kickstart networking sessions. Happy to brainstorm this further and work with you on bringing this idea to reality.

This is a great question! Reminds me of a time when I was tasked with trying to find a marching band, choir, a cheerleading group, and a youth step dance team all in a specific city... What I thought, at the time, was an impossible task became way easier when I unexpectedly became quite the expert in these various fields. I would recommend reaching out to various schools, as they are all at home and most likely looking for projects to work on. In my experience, schools also had lots of great information. They informed me, at the time of my hodgepodge performance, that there was something called the Patriot Brass Ensemble, which is a national marching band association that is a non-profit, supporting veterans. They had talent all across the country. I then brought in a musical director, composer, and worked closely with all of the different groups to create a cohesive performance for the brand. Now, doing this all virtually, definitely changes the game. There are many tips and tricks on how to produce this for a virtual event or a zoom meeting. If you'd like more detail on this process or sourcing talent, I am happy to help!

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