ROHIT SAINIA Psychologist, Doctor and an expert Advisor.

A Psychologist and a Doctor who has learned things from his own experiences, and can help almost everyone as the major problems start in lives when you're in a phase of SOLITUDE and trust me, it's the best phase to learn things life. 1 hour is enough for life changing suggestions. 1 hour equals to 60 minutes and 60 minutes are equal to 3600 seconds, the point is NUMBERS NEVER LIE choose any number mentioned above and contact me, you'll understand what I'm talking about and i promise you'll not regret it. Founder of DescribingRed non-profit organization. . Online counselor.

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Hello my friend, whenever we think of money, it will always lead us to some tension or trouble. Only one advice that i wanna give you here is, if you Love your job and you are kind of best at it, you never do it for free but also never charge very high that your passion becomes overpowered by the money.
You know, balance is really important and with the balance you can achieve both the things easily passion and a decent money.

I have really really important tips that can help you to boost up your YouTube channel. You only need a few important things and a mind set and trust me you can do great with the channel. I just made a website in this quarantine time, it's been 20 days already and about 700 people have signed up at my website. You see, it's not that a big thing if you try to do things step by step, and have a little patience with it.
You can call me anytime my friend and trust me, you won't regret!

I have came up in launching a website in this quarantine and now i just sit at home and organize things and i stay busy, really!
And trust me, there are many options that you can try by just sitting at home. Feel free to call me anytime buddy!

YES hashtag helps but to be honest, many people just filled there posts with hashtags. Well, its upto you but i think you should be true

Never try to get control over them, it won't help at all. You have to gain the trust, you have to make them believe in yourself that you're the best person/best parent, BEST FRIEND they will follow you and you won't need me or anyone anymore. Haha

Still, you can contact me anytime, I'll take 5 minutes max, the problem will be solved.
Good Luck!

Spending is never been the question, the question should be "how to save money wisely"?

Seriously, spending is the simplest job but getting the profit out of the spent money is the real thing. Try me and i can bet just 3-5 minutes would be enough for you to decide.
Good Luck!!

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