Edward GichinaI help business set up.

I have supported both for profit foreign and local companies find their way in the East Africa region. I have worked with companies such as Manar Al moran. funditech cooperative, JXCEC Wahkong Construction among others. I also support skill development, capacity building and training support.
To ensure success, the support offered covers on the business registration, premises establishment, skill sourcing, market research, social media marketing support, administration support and communication support.

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I would advise the following:
1. Learn or integrate a new skill in the area of emerging techs.
2. Look online to connect with existing and new customers. Covid19 will drive many people online and this 'habit' may persist among customers.
3. List 3 bills you can eliminate or pay at lower rate
4. Focus on emerging needs as a result of the Pandemic e.g. Disruption of supply lines has aroused the need to have localized solutions to most items which cant wait

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