David SanchezOperations expert, idea generator, marketing guru

Ready to grow personally and in your business?

I can help you in 5 different ways.

1. LinkedIn Marketing and Sales Consulting
-Craft the perfect LinkedIn profile that gets phone calls from clients on autopilot
-Find your ideal prospects, down to company size, location, and job description
-Develop the right message to build relationships and get more phone calls

2. Productivity
-Simplify your life and business workflow
-Set goals and meet them
-Organize your day and get things done

3. Operations
-Communicate clearly with your team, even remotely
-Develop lean processes to get work done extremely fast at top-notch quality
-Create ways to measure quality, performance, and maximize profitability

4. Revenue Stream and Idea Generation
-Explore dozens of ideas for generating additional revenue
-Narrow your choices down to the ones that maximize profitability
-Execute them in a step-by-step process

5. Marketing Your Business
-Zero in on your target market
-Develop a marketing strategy
-Carry out your strategy

Some of my accomplishments:

#1: Working from home with 4 young sons!

2017 - Founder/CEO of Mammoth Web Solutions and Digitalis Medical, an award-winning digital marketing agency providing search engine optimization, content marketing, blogging, social media management, custom web design, and marketing consulting.

2014 - Founder/CEO of Life Transformation Recovery, a nonprofit addiction treatment center

2009 - Registered Nurse, specializing in Emergency Department, Surgery, Behavioral Health and Addiction

Let' get started. I'm excited to see your business grow.

Recent Answers

I own a digital marketing agency and have helped many businesses create and execute social media plans.

I would not hire someone right off the bat for your type of business. It's much more efficient nowadays to hire an agency or freelancer to set it up for you with software.

The software will run itself on a queue, recycling posts. When you have 200-300 evergreen posts, you don't need to create new ones every single day.

The software will also be able to post separately to all your social media channels, each on their own timeframe.

A few great ones are MeetEdge, eClincher, Hootsuite, and Buffer, just to name a few.

Let's schedule a call if you need further direction. https://clarity.fm/davidsanchezrn

Here are a few off the top off my head:

+Create an in-home workout program
+Add on a nutrition and lifestyle optimization upsell to it
+Create a customized, personalized at-home personal training program via Zoom
+Create an online workout course on a major course platform like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, or Teachable.

If you need to refine these ideas more, we can talk. See my profile at https://clarity.fm/davidsanchezrn.

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