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I have successfully founded two companies: Simpalm and Ducknowl. My expertise are on software development, saas products, app development, tech recruiting. web and backend development.

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It is better to work with an outsourcing company in the MVP and early stages to build the product than finding a tech co-founder. There are several reasons:
1. it is very hard to find a reliable tech founder.
2. you will have to convince the person about your idea and also give away liquidity.
3. Even if you find, it doesn't mean that tech co-founder will be able to do everything, you still might have to hire some developers to do tech work.

I would suggest to go with outsourcing now. I have written a detailed blog here, you can check more details:


You will have to do market research to identify the right target for your app. What type of content are you offering? Typically this research should have been done before building the app. Market research is the first step in app planning and strategy.

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