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Do you have design staff in your team? I think the problem now is that no one is really buying clothes. You can sell services to at least keep minimal cash-flow coming in.

Another thought as a Dad, is to pivot to baby and children's clothing. They keep growing virus or not. I've had to buy a size up twice now for my daughter since COVID started.

I think you'd have a good market if you started with hotels like Ace, etc. who want to be trendy and using local consumer brands.

There are probably several ways to monetize this.
1) Work with the hospitality companies to curate the brands that they want to represent their company. You can charge as a service provider for this.
2) Work with the consumer brands and push the products on hospitality spaces. You can charge as a marketing agency.
3) Both options above also leave room for you to monetize as an affiliate (take kick-backs for sales generated by your service). I think it was Ace that was also selling the products that they were using to guests. (ex. if you liked the soap, towels, robe, etc. you could buy them through the hotel.) You can an affiliate kick-back (probably shared with the hotel in this case) for every sale.

These are just a few thoughts, but there are a ton of possibilities and I'd have to know more details about what you are thinking to advise better.

Good Luck!

I think Ben gave very useful advice. Identifying your task list is what I recommend to anyone in your shoes. I would just add that it may not be possible or the best idea to delegate within your existing team of developers. Instead you may want to ask what tasks from your day-to-day are the ones that you provide the most value to (or what you want to be doing). Bringing someone in to help manage your growing overhead may be worth considering.

If you aren't at the point that you want to bring someone in, you may also want to try adopting some team management techniques from an agile methodology. This could provide a huge benefit by allowing a huge portion of daily tasks to be team driven. You can step back and just focus on the product backlog prioritization and maximizing value.

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