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There are a lot of great free resources on the web for this that I can point you to. I am happy to discuss all the possibilities on a call.

Here is one to get you started from GitLab, a company that has operated 100% remote since founding: https://about.gitlab.com/company/culture/all-remote/guide/

Short Answer: Build a deep network.

This is why network science is my primary focus and the top companies today Google, Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin are heavily leverage networks.

There is no "contact here for partnerships" form for large diversified organizations. Unless it is a very specific program, they don't want an inflow of un-vetted opportunities.

So how do you do it? You reach out to one of your advisors or investors(presuming you have some) and ask them if they know the someone at Company X. If they know the COO of Best Buy and can make an intro than that is the quickest way to get to the right department.

This is a top-down approach and generally works faster and better than a bottom-up approach.

This is a question better suited for stackoverflow.

If you message me the schema for the two tables I could give you the exact query that you want.

I don't know as I have not earned any yet. It has been just a few days since I have joined but I will make some observations.

1. Number of active users on Clarity is not clear(no pun intended).

2. Answers would seem the logical way to generate demand but are often asked by people who don't understand the need to invest in quality information and planning (might as well ask on Quora).

3. The should be a way to monetize messaging because some users tend to be more comfortable with the method of interaction.

Some others answers touched on this but what you need is a case study or customer reference.

If you don't already have customers do a theoretical case study that shows what is measured and how this translated into obvious actionables to improve customer conversion via the website. Hence the common phrase "actionable insights".

Don't under estimate how simple the pitch should be for the customer. Even if they are highly intelligent, the simpler and clearer the value proposition is the more likely you will get a yes. Because then the decision is more of a common sense conclusion and no further thought/time/research required before the sale can happen.

Most hardships are best survived by preparation. How to prepare? It depends on the context and goals.

For both home and business there is insurance of different types. This could be a financial instrument or just an ample supply of food.

What happens when it is too late to prepare for the current event? Prepare for the next event and the learning will likely be applicable to helping you survive. In general acting quickly and decisively is best. I am happy to help you come up with a plan if you provide further details.

As Assaf mentioned, most of the magic is going to be in the marketing. Certain options like influencers are really only possible if you have a great product(which you think you do).

The other important thing to remember is most products are not a "one type fits all". I personally have both a Vitamix and a SharkNinja and use them for different things(of course I wish only one was needed). And for those who only have one there is not a clear winner as people of different requirements in regards to price, capabilities, and believe it or not looks.

Direct to consumer selling is much easier today than in the past especially if you are willing to sell on Amazon. Since you have the additional products you will want to make sure you engage your customer to have high repeat buyer conversion. This is generally done through both great product but equally or more important - great service!

Also if you anticipate your product being the next big thing in the industry why not get placement in retailers like Costco where customers will expect them to be? Happy to help further strategize on all the possibilities.

I would strongly consider automation where possible. It used to be cost prohibitive, especially in early days of the company, but now there are many out of the box solutions that can help.

Some of these exist on the major cloud providers like AWS Textract. Others are via API for products like Smartsheet. For bigger companies UiPath is a great solution.

Happy to help optimize as you want to scale and increase efficiency beyond humans.

Lee's answer is great.

What I will add is that in this type of setting you should be able to convey your product/service value add in one to two sentences. Then lots of repetition/reinforcement. Therefore don't stress about short prep time. Add simple visuals if possible and a concise, clear explanation and this will be best.

You are just trying to generate initial interest and word of mouth spread. Details can follow but the main value proposition should ring like a bell - that is what matters.

Main recommendation is to focus on the top idea. For both your own benefit and for seeking investors. Investors will want an enormous amount of thought and effort used on accomplishing one goal/vision/product and not spread among multiple ideas(scatter shot approach).

While it can be fun to have multiple projects/products(I have done this before) it is normally the limiting factor to success. Velocity and early traction matter a lot as investors have come to view this as an early indication of future success. If resources are limited but passion high just focus all the resources where the passion is highest.

Once focused getting seed investors will be much easier and there are sites to do so like AngelList and Keiretsu Forum. I will add more to my startup resources post here: https://www.quora.com/q/ovitxbmdfvzrujwk/Startup-Resources

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