Dennis McMahonIs ANY IoT System right for your business?

Everybody has been hearing about IoT for what seems forever, even if many of us don't know for sure what it even means:)

But is it just hype? Or can it really help you in your business?

Most of it's been rah, rah, rah about personal "wearables" but if you're like me, you don't care about the "bling", you want to see if it can make you money or save you money in your business.

But where to start?

There seems like hundreds of suppliers and "brands" of IoT systems and hardware and operators (cos there is:), so how to know what's right for your business? Or even if IoT IS right for your business?

I have been exploring the Long Range Wide Area Network (LPWan) IoT universe since 2015 (covering Sigfox, LoraWA, Wize, Thread, ZigBee and more) and have created a vast database of IoT hardware suppliers (Gateways, Nodes, Sensors) and the IoT platform operators around the world, how they work, what they offer, their prices and more.

We are even currently designing and building our own IoT sensors because the ones out there can be way more expensive then they need to be! (But not all - and that's the secret sauce I can bring tour discussion)

So even if you just THINK that IoT could be valuable for your business, let's talk now!

I will dig down into your business and advise whether IoT is a real opportunity for you and, if it is, exactly how much you can save or make with IoT devices automating and monitoring your business operations.

And we (you and I) will create your IoT strategy so you can see exactly what your IoT value-drivers are - and what the benefits will be in dollars and cents (very important if you have to justify the business case to your Directors and Senior Team; I'll even write the business case with you:)

And I will share my database with you, so you can explore on your own, if that's what you want to do.

Ready to talk Industrial Revolution 4.0? Let's go now!

Recent Answers

Hi, as this question was asked 4 years ago, with nary an answer, I assume you've found your own way:)

What did you discover?

I'd love to hear about where you ended up - the space has changed a lot over the last 4 years and, in that time, I have gathered together a huge amount of information on the various network options, suppliers (hardware and software), systems, solution providers and more.

We are launching our own IoT system integration service her in Malaysia and designing our own products to suit the market needs as well.

Love to chat:)

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