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Hello. Interesting idea. Partnering with companies and universities is certainly a good option. However I think that although you are catering to young adults, your target customer are parents of these young people since parents are the one who will have a huge influence in decision making process. So, keeping that in mind, you could also partner with banks where most of the young people open their accounts or with big MNC's where people work. A lot of MNC's have childcare companies tied with them so that their young parent employees could benefit from the services. Interesting idea indeed! Maybe we can have some more discussion to generate more details.
P.S: I am new to this platform but old with my skills.

If i understood correctly. you want to provide a top quality service by someone with a deep experience in the field but at a price affordable to a small/medium sized business. Unfortunately, I think this is not easy to do unless you play on volumes. To hire such people you need to pay them 'a lot', snatch them from other existing opportunities, ask them to provide their knowledge for a return which may not be suitable to them. It seems rather difficult idea to me, personally. However it can be discussed more. Let me know if interested.
P.S: I am new to this platform but old with the skills.

Hello! There can be tons of things that can be done but most fall into the traditional category. An example of a creative idea in such pandemic could be coming up with a way to get real time info about number of cases in your immediate neighborhood. Such kind of info is usually available with the government but they show the data region/state wise usually. There can be many other ideas too. Have a few in my mind. Let me know if you want to discuss.
P.S: I am new to this platform but old with skills.

Hello. I am a bit skeptical about this idea. If I understood correctly. you are proposing that companies instead of asking people to travel to do their job should hire "local" talent to do the same job. Although it sounds to be good but practically it seems to be a little difficult to implement. Why? Because, companies would have to put additional salaries expense, additional tools expense and other additional costs on their financial statements. They can't just lay off their existing employees just because they can't travel to do the job. However, it still needs more discussion! Lemme know your thoughts on this.
P.S: I am new to this platform but old with my skills.

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