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I have worked with over five startups. One in the cycling industry, one in the woman's fashion industry, an international coffee brokerage firm, a company that designs and produces its wallpaper, an engineering firm and others. You can find examples of my work at Seeking Alpha.

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It depends if the price of your product is still competitive with other products or if your private label offers a benefit that other labels do not. I dealt with this with a commodity product here in Brazil. There is a formula I use to calculate the sales price after including margin and import duties. Please contact me if you would like more specific information.

I would not monetize this idea at first. I feel your platform needs to be able to provide this service prior to trying to charge companies to list their services. I feel this way for two reason, I as a customer would not trust the platform as I would believe that it only exists to pressure me to contract the services of the companies that paid to be there. I as a company would not want to put my company's reputation at risk prior to the platform having a good reputation on the market.

O melhor departamento para comecar sua busca é o RH. Já fiz varias aulas de coaching com pessoas de RH. Sé você consegue o tempo do diretor comercial, pode dar resultado mas eles têm tendencias de estar bem ocupadas.

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